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At competitive advantage, we believe a rising tide lifts all boats.

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What Others Are Saying

Dave Lawson and the Competitive Advantage Coaching Program has been instrumental in my success as a real estate professional. I would not be where I am today in my career without the guidance, tools, presentations, walk-throughs and sales techniques that the coaching program provides. What sets Competitive Advantage Coaching apart from other training programs is that David provides us with material that he and his team actually use in their day to day operations. All I need to do is edit the material and adopt the techniques to easily implement the material into my career.

Phil Dobson

Global Real Estate Advisor - Engel & Völkers

Competitive Advantage coaching has been nothing less than spectacular! David's program has taught me about the best way to find listings, farm neighborhoods for potential sellers, and run drip campaigns to stay in touch with potential buyers and sellers. I would recommend David's program to those who are new to real estate, those who find themselves struggling to make it in the business, and seasoned professionals who would like a new look or approach in their current business.

Clark Kain

Global Real Estate Advisor - Engel & Völkers

With Dave Lawson and Competitive Advantage Coaching, I heard viewpoints and learned strategies that I’d never heard before. The tools are manageable and simple. The process is direct and honest. The results are phenomenal and noticeable.

Anthony Andrade

Global Real Estate Advisor - Engel & Völkers

Program Benefits

For Agents

  • Increase in Productivity and Sales

    An average coaching client will see an increase in Gross Income Commission between 25% and 35% after the first year.

  • Get Proven Tools from David

    Advisors will receive emails, phone calls and coaching calls regularly to check in and keep them on the path of success. Our Business Makeover Program occurs with new clients over the first 90 days and will provide amazing support and cheerleading to move them toward making commissions quickly.

  • Accountability and Support

    Advisors will receive emails, phone calls and coaching calls regularly to check in and keep them on the path of success. Our Business Makeover Program occurs with new clients over the first 90 days and will provide amazing support and cheerleading to move them toward making commissions quickly.​

For Brokers

  • Increase in Income

    Just like brokers, we recognize that a rising tide lifts all boats. When the agent performs better, the brokerage sees these results back in their own wallet as well. This is what we call a true win-win!

  • Attract More Agents

    Brokers are able to leverage the coaching program as a marketing tool in order to attract more agents to join the brokerage. Agents are able to get the necessary guidance in getting started, which helps get through the acclimatization period faster in order to start selling.

  • Help Retain Agents

    Agents enrolled in the coaching program are more likely to have a full sales pipeline and a stronger connection to the brokerage, which helps brokers in retaining their high-performing agents.

About David

David Lawson has been, and continues to be, one of the top producing real estate agents in Utah. As an icon in the real estate industry, David consistently proves that he is cutting edge in his use of technology, tools and systems.

David’s talent extends to his mentoring and coaching, as he has become a leader nationally in helping agents grow their talent.

David's achievements

# 100

Team at Engel & Völkers North-America


Properties Sold a Year

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Properties Sold

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5-Star Reviews on Zillow

Frequently Answered Questions

Ordinary coaching companies get paid by having clients pay for coaching services month after month, year after year, a monthly fee. Their motivation is to give the agents a little information over a very long timeframe to keep them in the program and paying them over an extended period of time.

Our Business model is the exact opposite. We never charge our coaching clients a monthly fee and we only get paid when they are successful, and they get paid. Our motivation is to get clients making money quickly and increasing their units sold and their average sales price per unit sold as quickly as possible. Our goal is to give our ideas and suggestions of how they can increase their business on every coaching session and to do it fast.

Coaching companies constantly struggle with their coaching clients wanting to quit coaching, go on hold or suspend their coaching contract. They also need to be in the business of debt collection as often times, clients can’t or won’t pay their bill.

Our model is different as our coaching clients never need to quit or go on hold when they don’t have the money to pay. We never have to deal with debt collection as we only get paid when the agent has a closing and therefore, has the money to pay us.

Most coaching companies have coaches that are not actively selling real estate, and if they are, they’re usually part-time. Our program has me as their head coach and I am in the trenches of selling real estate on a daily basis. I truly understand the problems and issues that agents are going through.

Most coaches don’t share all of their marketing materials that they are currently using and many coaches, don’t have any marketing materials.

Our clients get not only sales techniques but actual marketing materials that I use to sell a 100 to 150 homes per year. These are proven marketing materials that are constantly being updated and upgraded.

We also have an outside service that will help agents edit and produce their own customized marketing pieces for a small fraction of what it would cost our clients to do individually.

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